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New and current clients can save time by sending or updating their information prior to coming in for an appointment and submitting this form online. Simply fill out the form and press submit at the end.

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Please let us know who will be the “Client” for the purposes of representation. If you have formed or will be forming a business entity (e.g. Corporation or LLC), select "Business Entity Representation" or "Both." If you select "Both," we must evaluate whether there are conflicts that would prevent us from representing you personally as an individual along with your business. If you select both or not sure, we both must agree and confirm the representation before moving forward.

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Adverse Parties

For example any person or business that would be on the other side of a contract negotiation, a person that is suing you or your business or has threatened lawsuit, any current business partners, shareholders, or members in an LLC, or other party that would likely need to be represented by another lawyer:

Attorney-Client Relationship